On Line Editing Facilities in Mobile Unit
YOU come to Us or We come to YOU

Flat Rate:    $125.00 per hour

            BetaSP Master Record - Component Input/Playback
           DVCPro Master Record - Component Input/Playback
S-VHS Master Record - SVHS Input/Playback
  VHS Master Record - Composite Input/Playback

            DVD Mastering - DVD-R/RW; DVD+R/RW

Trinity Effects / Compositing/ Switching System
    True CCIR-601 Switching

            No Rendering of Effects
                Live Switching and Effects Compositing

    Component Output
    Serial (D-1) Output
    8 Input Switcher

            Component /Composite/SVHS

3D Warp Engine for True 3D Effects             
    Animation and Roto-Scoping On-Line
    Hi-Res Character Generator
    3 Channel Frame Store
    Hybrid Linear / Non-Linear Editing

            Mix Live tape playback with server files - Unlimited Video/Audio Channels

Non-Linear Timeline Playback into Live  Switching
    On-Line Creation of 3D Effects    
             w/Texture  Mapping

                    Live Video Mapping on all effects