Mobile Unit

*Video    HD available

 9 Cameras

Panasonic DVCPro Camcorders

JVC HD Camcorders
JVC DV Camcorders

Mastering to m2t or mov HD 1080i or 720p 

(3) Channel Master Record    

BetaSP Master Record - Component Input/Playback
DVCPro Master Record -
HD/SD-SDI /1394/Component Input/Playback

        Blu-Ray and DVD Mastering - DVD-R/RW;DVD+R/RW in Real Time!

Globecaster Effects / Compositing/ Switching System
    True CCIR-601 Switching

            No Rendering of Effects
                Live Switching and Effects Compositing

    Component Output
    Serial (D-1) Output
    HD-SDI inputs/outputs

    3D Warp Engine for True 3D Effects             
    Animation and Roto-Scoping On-Line
    Hi-Res Character Generator
    5 Channel Frame Store
    Hybrid Linear / Non-Linear Editing

            Unlimited Video/Audio Channels - live tape deck mix with video server file playback/record

Non-Linear Timeline Playback into Live Switching
    On-Line Creation of 3D Effects    
             w/Texture Mapping

                    Live Video Mapping on all effects


            Full Digital Audio

              32 Channel, 5.1 Surround Channel Mixer 

              Presonus Live D.A.W. available to Live Mix

           16 ch Digital Audio from Annouce position to truck 




bullet Terminal Equipment
            HD/SD-SDI Router

            HD Rack Monitoring/NLE
              32 x 32 Router with Audio breakaway
             full video/audio patchbays
             full video/audio monitoring

             2 Channel ClearCom Private Line
                         Intercom w/ 12

            Camera to Truck Fiber Cable  10K ft on board


            Full Truck I/O for monitoring, house,
                         satellite feeds

            Multi-Line Telephone w/Cellular interface
     Production and IFB circuit